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Floral "Stick and Stitch" Customise Kit

Customise clothes and upcycle old garments with our Floral Customise Kit!

🌟 The kit includes 12 floral designs that can be mixed and matched, to encourage you to refresh your clothes and accessories. The patterns are printed on water soluble paper: stick it on, stitch over it, and wash it away once you're finished!

🧵 Our Customise Kits 8 gorgeous shades of DMC thread - you can use your creativity to make your own individual pieces. DMC threads are coloursafe, so stitched clothes can be washed as normal.

✨ Each kit includes a booklet with guidance on how to stitch on clothes and make patches; plus a guide on the best stitches to use. There's plenty more guidance and video tutorials on the 'blogs' section of our website, too!

Even better, the envelope containing your kit is made from 100% recycled rags and is reusable. Brilliant!


    1. Our kits are as eco-friendly as possible: the packaging for our Customise Kits is made from recycled T-shirt rags, and we use recycled postal mailers.

    2. All Paraffle kits are handmade in Scotland, in our Edinburgh studio - buying from us means supporting a small, female founded business.

    3. Customise Kits include plenty of DMC thread, in 8 vibrant shades - so don’t worry if you make a mistake or want to practice first!).

    4. The kits include 10 themed designs, based on Sammy’s original embroidery pieces. The designs are printed on water-soluble paper - so you simply stick them on, stitch, then wash them away (don’t worry, the threads are coloursafe!).

    5. Each kit includes guidance on how to embroider on clothes, and making embroidered patches.

    6. Embroidery is a helpful tool for encouraging mindfulness and giving you some extra head space. Our kits aim to get your creative juices flowing (even if you’re not a ‘crafty’ person!), and help you to upcycle clothes and textiles.

    7. We’re a carbon neutral business, and donate at least 10% of our profits to charity through dedicated charity designs.