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Fall Embroidery Designs

You might have noticed by now that nature is a huge source of inspiration here at Paraffle. All my embroidery kits are based around animals, florals, and stunning skylines. I find there’s just so much beauty to be found when looking at the natural world - and it’s one of the main reasons why I’ve taken steps to make the company as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. If you’re interested in finding out more on that front, you can read about what I’m doing here.

But, back to the designs! It’s not only specific elements of nature that give rise to ideas - I also find the changing seasons to be filled with creative possibilities. This is especially true when it comes to fall. For me, it’s a season full of rich earthy tones and exciting textures, providing plenty of ideas for autumnal embroidery patterns.

Plus, with the evenings getting darker and colder, I also feel like it’s the perfect time to get started on new projects, make the most of cosy evenings and add a bit of seasonal decor to your home. Nowhere to be, just snuggled up at home with some stitching - heaven!

To help get you in the fall mood and inspired for your next embroideries, I’ve put together my favourite Paraffle designs that I feel really fit with the season.

The Fox

This fantastic little fox just really says autumn to me. I can imagine him jumping around in the fallen leaves and blending into the different shades of red, gold and brown that come with the new season.

With just two colours, it’s a great design for beginner embroiderers as it allows you to get to grips with the basics of different stitches without having to worry about changing threads too often.

For more advanced makers, chances are you’ll already have some suitable options in your stash, making it an easy fall piece to get started with.

Find the hoop kit here and the PDF pattern here.

Fox embroidery hoop kit

The Orange Tree

Ok hear me out – I know these are technically oranges, but I’m getting some serious pumpkin vibes from this design! And since embroidery is all about getting creative, I’m definitely here for getting a bit inventive and reimagining this as a pumpkin patch.

Think winding vines and bright orange gourds and suddenly we’re in full fall mode. Whichever way you decide to see it, there’s no denying that the colours in this piece fit in perfectly with the shades of the season and make it a great fall embroidery pattern.

The delicate design is intricate without being tricky – ideal for all abilities. You’ll be a French knot pro by the end of it!

I also recently had this pattern in a one-day charity sale in support of the Alzheimer’s Research UK for World Alzheimer’s Day, so it’s a design that’s close to my heart. If you’d like to create something that gives back, I’ve got a few permanent charity kits here, too.

Click here to get stitching your oranges/pumpkins!

Orange tree embroidery hoop kit

The Sunset

This gorgeous kit adds a richer selection of thread shades into the mix and creates a more dramatic fall feeling. Jewel toned skies and vibrant orange sunsets go hand in hand with wintery walks that end with a hot drink somewhere cosy. It’s something I love doing here in Scotland when the weather gets colder and there’s definitely a nod to the Highlands in this particular design. With four different colours and many different stitch techniques, it’s also a great option for anyone looking to up their embroidery game with a slightly more complex project. I’m particularly into that bold satin stitch sun and the lovely lazy daisy stars! Get started with your sunset.

Click here to get stitching your oranges/pumpkins!

Paisley sunset embroidery hoop kit

The Botanicals

Floral blooms may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of fall. For me though, this botanical design serves a reminder that the season is still bursting with life and possibility. There are plenty of flowers that come into their own all through autumn and winter. I often feel like this a great way to think of fall sewing, too - our creativity can come to life in the quieter moments of the year when we’re spending more time at home. And for anyone who finds the darker days a little difficult, I’m certain that mindfully stitching the French knot flower buds and tiny petals will help add some brightness to even the gloomiest days. Bringing a touch of spring to your home can only be a good thing, whatever time of year it is. Find our botanical pattern here.

Paraffle's botanical embroidery hoop kit

The Swan

For the final fall embroidery design, I’ve gone with a piece inspired by my home here in Edinburgh. My favourite walk back from the Paraffle studio goes around the side of the iconic Arthur’s Seat. I especially love taking this route as we move from summer into fall as the changing landscape is so beautiful and I want to make the most of my time outdoors - and the very best part is always going past the lake and seeing all the swans. Sometimes they’re in large groups, sometimes they’re alone, but they’re always elegant and beautiful. It was these walks that led me to create this particular design - their shapes are the perfect fit for some smooth chain stitch curves! - so I can’t help but feel a strong connection with autumn whenever I see it. What I also love about this pattern is how the simple white design not only makes it straightforward for beginners in terms of thread changes, but also how it makes that autumnal touch of orange in the beak really pop! Buy your own swan kit here.

Paraffle's Swan embroidery hoop kit

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