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Embroidery Stitching - Full Guide

Learn 5 fabulous stitches for embroidering letters and writing!
This video covers 7 great stitches for creating floral embroidery.
Learning these basic hand embroidery stitches will give you a solid foundation for your embroidery journey. Even the simplest stitches can create stunning, intricate designs! As you practice and become more comfortable with these stitches, you can combine them and explore more advanced techniques.
Learn how to do the most popular stitches in hand embroidery!
How to do back stitch in 4 simple steps
Learn how to do Stem stitch - perfect for plant stems or vines!
Split Stitch is great for creating smooth, curved lines without leaving gaps between stitches - and it’s easy to do, too!
Learn how to do Chain stitch in 4 simple steps!

Whipping a stitch is simply winding a second thread around a previous line of stitching.

It creates a twisted effect with your thread, and is great for smoothing out gaps between stitches - perfect for writing and letters!

Couching is a useful way to add textured lines to your pieces - and it's fairly easy to create, too!
Coral Stitch is a great stitch for adding texture and interest to otherwise straight or curved lines - it can be a lovely (more complicated!) substitution for Back Stitch.
Also known as Hungarian Chain Stitch, Braided Chain Stitch is excellent for embroidering chunky, textured lines.
How to perfect Satin stitch in 3 easy steps
Long and short stitch is an excellent filler stitch you can use to blend colours together. Here's how to do it!
Feather Stitch is a great stitch for adding borders to pieces, and is able to fill fairly large spaces with a gorgeous textured effect.
Learn how to do lazy daisy stitch - great for flowers!
If you're getting stuck with French knots, check out these tips & instructions!
Learn how to master tricky Colonial Knots with a quick, two minute tutorial!
Bullion knots are a slightly more tricky stitch to master, but well worth it for their effect!
Turkey work has to be one of my favourite stitches! It's so tactile and fluffy - here's my tutorial on how to do it!
Woven Picot Stitch makes a striking 3D effect - it’s a simple one to create, just with needle and thread!
Woven Wheels are a simple way to create a gorgeous flower or rose effect - and are great for showing off shiny thread colours!