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Why An Embroidery Kit Can Be A Great Christmas Present

With Christmas around the corner, many of us who celebrate this special holiday are probably starting to plan how we’re going to get into the spirit. The festivities are certainly going to be a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean choosing thoughtful gifts for your loved ones needs to go out of the window. If anything, these little gestures of joy are exactly what we all need right now!

I know I may be slightly biased… but I think an embroidery kit makes a brilliant Christmas present. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you may well think so too! If you’re still undecided on whether it’s the right gift for you, let me give you a few of my favourite reasons why I think it’s a winner.

You're giving someone an experience

Over recent years, there seems to have been a definite shift from simply giving objects, to gifting experiences.

It probably won’t be so easy to give an activity that can be done in a group or in person this year, so an embroidery kit is the perfect one-person experience! They’ll learn something new, or improve on what they already know if they’ve embroidered before. Plus, all these skills can then be used again and again.

I also think it feels a bit like you’re giving the gift of me-time. Sitting down and working on a piece of embroidery requires setting aside a little slot of dedicated time. A moment to get lost in creativity and relax - something not enough of us do most of the time. By giving someone an embroidery kit for Christmas, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that they’re going to take that time for themselves.

Paraffle's embroidered paisley skies set

You'll be supporting a small business

Unless you’re buying from a big-name brand such as DMC, it’s highly likely that by purchasing an embroidery kit you’ll be supporting a small independent business.

Sometimes, that business is literally just one person, working on every single aspect of their creative business in order to bring you brilliant products - or in Paraffle's case, there's just the two of us!

I think we’re all aware that in 2020, the year of lockdown life, small businesses have suffered much more than bigger companies. So, I can assure you that if you buy from them this Christmas, your purchase will be extra appreciated and prepared with a whole lot of love.

Photo of Sammy in Paraffle's studio

You can choose a Christmas themed pattern...

This is a great option for any gift givers who aren’t exactly sure what design to choose. Stick to something festive and you can’t go wrong! I’ve talked several times now about my love for creating themed patterns and, when it comes to Christmas, things are no different. In fact, I may even go as far as to say that it’s the season that inspires me the most.

I love to add a bit of sparkle - and I even have some jingle bells to attach to your design in one of my kits! This year I’ve also introduced baubles, which I think are an ideal stocking filler. But, my kits aside, there are just so, so many incredible embroideries that can be inspired by Christmas, making it a great holiday gift. I’ve put together 12 Embroidery Ideas for Christmas if you’d like to see some more.

Paraffle christmas wreath

...or something totally unrelated

Of course, you totally don’t have to stick with the Christmas theme if you don’t want to!

There is such a huge variety of hand embroidery kits out there that you’ll be able to find a design that suits literally every taste!

It makes the gift all that much more personal and thoughtful when you choose something that really fits a person.

Paraffle's rainbow embroidery kit

It's a gift that keeps on giving

I’ve already touched on the fact that by giving a kit, you’re giving an activity, but there are many other ways that embroidery kit is a multi-faceted gift.

For example, the end result transforms into a beautiful item to display. If it’s Christmas themed, it can become a treasured decoration that gets brought out year after year. If it’s unrelated, it can become a creation to be proudly displayed year-round upon completion - particularly when it's stitched onto a tote bag or a cushion. And I bet you that every time your loved one looks at their creation, they’ll think of you.

It also means that once the receiver has the kit, they can go on to create future projects. They’ll have the pattern to keep forever, so they could perhaps use it for another hoop to display, or to customise an item of clothing.

Paraffle's fox tote bag kit

Everything comes together...

This point is especially relevant for anyone who was thinking about getting some embroidery goods for a crafty friend or family member but feels a bit lost when it comes to all things sewing; the people who step into a craft shop and feel overwhelmed by the choice.

That’s where kits come in. All you have to choose is which design you like most. Sure, with so many amazing ones out there, even that can feel a bit tricky, but you can at least make your choice knowing that everything else will then come with it: needle, hoop, fabric, threads…

A well thought out kit will even include some extra items that you may never have even thought of. I always include felt backing and a separate display hoop in mine, for example, to make the final product really polished

Embroidery kit showing the contents

...or with nothing at all!

Sounds confusing, right?! I’m actually referring to another gift option for when the person you’re giving to already has lots of materials and supplies – PDF patterns.

Think of them as sort of like a digital stocking filler! You can get them sent directly to the gift receiver’s email.

All they have to do is print it off (some people even just trace patterns from their computer screen!) and they have a new project ready to go in no time at all.

Paraffle's Llama pdf embroidery pattern

It can be an environmentally friendly option

There’s been a huge shift in mentality recently when it comes to being a more conscious consumer. I’ve no doubt many people will be putting sustainability concerns at the top of their list this year, which is why I think that a hand embroidery kit can be an amazing Christmas present idea.

Now, I obviously can’t speak to the specifics of every single kit here, but in most cases, your kit will include wooden hoops, cotton fabric and cotton thread, all of which are compostable. If the threads are DMC or Anchor, then they’ll also be dyed according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that they’re free from many of the harmful chemicals that can be found in a lot of textile dyes.

Many small businesses have made huge efforts to provide plastic free packing, too, and I personally carbon offset here at Paraffle. With so much thought going into every element, embroidery businesses take the hard work out of looking for an environmentally friendly Christmas gift.

Organic and fairtrade tote bag with bee pattern embroidered on it

There you have it - eight amazing reasons why embroidery kits make great Christmas gifts. If you think it might be the right present option for you, feel free to visit my shop and have a browse, and if you have any questions ask away in the comments section below!

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