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Feather Stitch

Feather Stitch is a great stitch for adding borders to pieces, and is able to fill fairly large spaces with a gorgeous textured effect.


Feather Stitch is worked on four parallel lines - in the video, I've labelled these A, B, C, and D.

 1. To start, come up at the top of line A; then back down at the top of line C - but don't pull your thread tight! Leave a loop lying loose on top of the fabric.

 2. Move down a stitch length - perhaps 1cm or so - and come up on line B, inside the loop of thread.  Pull your thread justtight enough to create a 'V' shape

3. Come down on line D, making sure you're in line with your stitch on line B. Again, leave the thread loose.

4. Then, move down another stitch length and come up on line C. Pull your thread just tight enough to create another 'V'; then move sideway over to line A, and create another loop of thread.

 Repeat! Your stitches/holes on lines A and C are always parallel; and the same goes for B and D.

 To finish, use a tiny anchor stitch - just a couple of millimetres long - to pin down your last V shape.

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