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Embroidery Stitching - Full Guide

Learn 5 fabulous stitches for embroidering letters and writing!
This video covers 7 great stitches for creating floral embroidery.
Learn how to do the most popular stitches in hand embroidery!
How to do back stitch in 4 simple steps
Learn how to do Stem stitch - perfect for plant stems or vines!
Split Stitch is great for creating smooth, curved lines without leaving gaps between stitches - and it’s easy to do, too!
Learn how to do Chain stitch in 4 simple steps!

Whipping a stitch is simply winding a second thread around a previous line of stitching.

It creates a twisted effect with your thread, and is great for smoothing out gaps between stitches - perfect for writing and letters!

Couching is a useful way to add textured lines to your pieces - and it's fairly easy to create, too!
Coral Stitch is a great stitch for adding texture and interest to otherwise straight or curved lines - it can be a lovely (more complicated!) substitution for Back Stitch.
Also known as Hungarian Chain Stitch, Braided Chain Stitch is excellent for embroidering chunky, textured lines.
How to perfect Satin stitch in 3 easy steps
Long and short stitch is an excellent filler stitch you can use to blend colours together. Here's how to do it!
Feather Stitch is a great stitch for adding borders to pieces, and is able to fill fairly large spaces with a gorgeous textured effect.
Learn how to do lazy daisy stitch - great for flowers!
If you're getting stuck with French knots, check out these tips & instructions!
Learn how to master tricky Colonial Knots with a quick, two minute tutorial!
Woven Picot Stitch makes a striking 3D effect - it’s a simple one to create, just with needle and thread!
Woven Wheels are a simple way to create a gorgeous flower or rose effect - and are great for showing off shiny thread colours!