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Woven Wheel Stitch

Woven Wheels are a simple way to create a gorgeous flower or rose effect - and are great for showing off shiny thread colours!

1. Start by creating the spokes of the wheel.  These are made of single stitches, all meeting at the centre point - try to keep all of these stitches the same length. A Woven Wheel always needs to have an odd number of spokes - I like to use 5.

2. Then, start weaving! Bring your needle up close to the centre point, in between two spokes (it doesn’t matter which ones). Working either clockwise or counterclockwise, bring your thread over the first spoke, then under the next - over, under, over, under. During this stage, your needle and thread always stay at the front side of the fabric (not passing through to the back). Pull the threadjust tight enough to make sure there’s no gaps - but not too tight, or your woven threads will bunch up and overlap (which is hard to undo without unwinding it all!).

3. Once you’ve reached the outer edges of the wheel, bring your needle to the back, just underneath one of your spokes, then tie off. 

4. Finally, gently plump up the ‘petals’ of your flower with your needle - this will give it more volume and help it to stand out from the fabric. 


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