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Embroidery blogs

To help you on your embroidery journey, we keep three blogs updated. First is our beginners blog for the basics of embroidery. Then we've got an embroidery ideas blog to give you some inspiration, and lastly a stitch guide blog (which mostly has video tutorials) to take you through the main embroidery stitches. Hopefully some or all of the blogs are helpful to you!
You're keen on getting started with embroidery, but still have a hundred questions? Find all of the answers in the Ultimate Embroidery Guide for Beginners!
As the most basic description, embroidery is the art of using a needle and thread to decorate fabric. In this post, I'm going to explain what embroidery is and take you through a few of the different types of embroidery, as well as show you photos of historic and modern examples of each type.
Ok you're tempted to try embroidery, but it looks complicated - more complicated than cross stitch - let's go into some detail about how difficult embroidery is or isn't!
Learn 5 fabulous stitches for embroidering letters and writing!
This video covers 7 great stitches for creating floral embroidery.
Learning these basic hand embroidery stitches will give you a solid foundation for your embroidery journey. Even the simplest stitches can create stunning, intricate designs! As you practice and become more comfortable with these stitches, you can combine them and explore more advanced techniques.
Gold embroidery thread tangling? Silver strands fraying? Here are our top tips to help you master those metallics
A little treat! I made this sampler recently while experimenting with new colours - and now I'm offering it as a free download on the website. Hooray!
I'll talk you through how to use hand embroidery to customise and upcycle your clothes. You can create a totally unique item of clothing to show off - and it's really easy to do, once you know how. Plus, it's a great way to break the cycle of fast fashion!